1M – official representative of Tecdia in Russia and CIS countries

1M got official representative statement of Japanese company TECDIA. Manufacturer is focused on producing of high quality ceramic passive components (single layer capacitors up to 100 GHz, resistors etc.) and materials for demanding electronic markets like microwave, digital processing, fiber optical equipment. Besides passive components TECDIA producing special equipment and consumables for microelectronic components manufacturing.   

ASL 4044MC2 – new 2 W (GaAs) X-band MMIC amplifier from AELIUS SEMICONDUCTORS

AELIUS SEMICONDUCTORS released ASL 4044MC2 – new 2W MMIC amplifier in X-band that is compatible with FMM5061VF from Sumitomo.

ASL 4044MC2 works in 9.0 -13.5GHz range with 19dB gain and 33dBm output power. Named MMIC have standard ceramic 17.78 х 8.33 mm flange package.

1М – now is official distributor of AELIUS SEMICONDUCTORS in Russia and CIS countries

1M LLC got official distributor status of Singaporean GaAs/GaN MMIC manufacturer – AELIUS SEMICONDUCTORS.

AELIUS SEMICONDUCTORS company is focused on manufacturing of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) like: power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, phase shifters, attenuators, switchers, mixers and corechips. Named products are widely used in different radar and telecommunication applications up to 40 GHz. Full range of products is presented in company catalog.